Hair Reduction


No More Excessive Hair with Electrolysis!

We offer top quality and professional electrolysis hair removal at an affordable fee with the utmost of care. Electrolysis is performed by qualified, licensed, and experienced electrologists since 1970.

It is a well-known permanent hair reduction method approved by the FDA with a proven record of more than 100 years. We offer services for both men and women of all skin types. A consultation fee may apply which is deducted from the first treatment.


The Laser Option For Hair Removal

Marianne DePaul & Associates offers Laser hair removal services performed Under the auspices of Dr Scaunas.

If you are tired of paying for expensive, non-permanent hair removal methods, then it's time for electrolysis or laser treatments on your unwanted hair, for most areas of your face and body. It's time to visit Marianne DePaul & Associates.

We provide laser hair removal to both men and women using high quality equipment since 1998.

Laser hair removal treatments reduce hair growth on most men and women. This treatment is ideal for most skin types and all pigmented hair with the exception of white hair.